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Wednesday, January 24, 1996

Talking about UW's finances

The senate finance committee will meet at 1:30 this afternoon in Needles Hall room 3001, and here's what the agenda looks like:
1. Minutes (Oct 27, Dec 13) and Matters Arising
2. Update re Government Announcement
3. SERP Update and Next Steps
4. Budget Planning
In other words: some serious morning-after talk about how to plan UW's finances for the coming year.

Members of the senate finance committee include the deans and other senior officials and faculty and student representatives (plus unofficial but very active staff members). As the spring progresses, it will be seeing budget proposals from the provost, commenting on them and eventually passing a budget along to the senate and board of governors for approval.

Faculty association votes today

As it says on page 3 of this morning's Gazette: the faculty association holds a closed meeting this afternoon for discussion and a vote on this motion:
that the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo proceed to obtain membership cards and apply to the Ontario Labour Relations Board for certification.
The meeting starts at 4 p.m. in Physics 145 -- with a special "member sign-up period" beginning at 3:30 for faculty and professional librarians who aren't now association members but would like to be, in time to have a voice in making that decision.

A note from the agenda of today's meeting:

Q. If the motion under Agenda Item 2 is passed, does this mean that the Faculty Association can become a certified Association without any further input from me?

A. No. This motion is an enabling motion which allows us to collect cards and, if enough are collected, to apply to the Labour Relations Board for certification. If enough are collected the Ontario Labour Relations Board will order a vote. The Labour Relations Board will conduct the vote and it will be a secret ballot vote in which each individual who would be a member of the proposed bargaining unit is eligible to vote. The Labour Relations Board will certify the Association only if a majority of those voting vote in favour.

Dialogue on gender relations

Half a dozen faculty members will be heard on a panel discussion this afternoon sponsored by the faculty of science. It's the third annual "Dialogue on Gender Relations", the topic this year being "Does Gender Influence Career Choice?" The event runs from 3 to 4:30, with refreshments following, in Biology 1 room 271. Tickets are available (free) from Helena Hahn in the dean of science office.

Retired professor is mourned

A service will be held this evening in Toronto in memory of John Hotson, who retired in 1993 from UW's department of economics. Hotson was well known for his outspoken views about the need for monetary policy reform, as well as for his involvement in The Hunger Project. He died on Sunday and is survived by his wife, Jennifer, as well as children and grandchildren. This evening's service will be held at 8 p.m. at the Olivet Church, 279 Burnhamthorpe Road, Etobicoke.

Faculty surveyed about course notes

Richard De Visser sends this note from Graphics Express:
A survey has been distributed to all full and part-time UW faculty from the on-campus Courseware Printing Program. The Program is jointly run by the Bookstore and Graphic Services and to provide UW's students with concise, effective and affordable teaching material -- the custom courseware package. The survey is designed to determine whether potential users know about the service and whether they use it. It is anticipated to receive information about the level of satisfaction and suggestions for improvement.

Courseware packages are becoming extremely popular as professors design their own custom notes, readings, assignments and overheads which exactly fit the requirements of a specific course, compare to the short fallings of some traditional textbooks.

If you are involved in providing students with course materials and you have not received a copy of the survey, they are available from Richard De Visser at ext. 3996 (rdevisse@bg1).

I made a mistake yesterday

Tuesday's Daily Bulletin said the next meeting of the UW board of governors would be held on February 6. In fact, although that's the date originally scheduled for it, the board meeting will be held Wednesday, February 7, following a "retreat" of board members for training and discussion on February 6.

And have you got a headache?

If the budget, union certification and all the rest of it are bringing on a migraine headache, here's something you should know about. UW's health services presents a session on "Understanding and Coping with Migraines", next Wednesday, January 31, from 12:30 to 1:30. The speaker is Stella Kok of the Migraine Foundation in Toronto. There will be refreshments and displays. You can find out more, and register to attend, by calling health services at ext. 2424.

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