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Monday, June 17, 1996

UW's senate meets tonight

The June meeting of the university senate begins at 7:30 tonight in Needles Hall room 3001. Among the items on the agenda:

Biologists invite the public

The Canadian Federation of Biological Societies is meeting in London this week and is inviting the public to two sessions in particular.

Jeremy McNeil of Universite Laval will present the 1996 Gordon Kaplan Public Awareness of Science lecture on Wednesday at 6:00 at the London Convention Centre. Known as the "Bug Man", McNeil will speak about "Comparing Human and Insect Activities: An Education for Children of All Ages." This free public lecture will be in the convention centre's theatre and is meant for school children, non-scientists and scientists alike.

Also on Wednesday, an open public forum from 2:00 to 5:30 will discuss whether governments should be involved in scientific research in this age of downsizing and cost-cutting. Organizers say they are interested in public opinions and have invited anyone interested to join the scientists in discussing "Scientific Research: Why/How Should Government Be Implicated?". The forum will be led by a panel of experts, including Bill Bridger, vice-president (research) at the University of Western Ontario. Questions being posed to the panel include these: Is basic science really important, or are scientists just looking to keep their jobs? Why does the government say R&D is the basis of future economic health, but cut Canada's research dollars? How can universities respond to the increasing strain on their budgets? Where does research fit into the picture? Is the Canadian research enterprise at risk?

More than 400 presentations and 10 special symposia are scheduled for the 39th annual meeting of the CFBS, being held at the London Convention Centre. More information: (519) 661-6330.

Just another manic Monday

Some notes on what's happening: And, the pension and benefits committee is meeting all morning in Needles Hall room 3004. Among the agenda items: the latest figures on the value of the UW pension fund, for which the committee is responsible. "The market value for any particular month end goes up and down like a yo-yo," David Dietrich of UW's human resources department points out, and what matters is the long-term outlook, as well as the year-end figures that have to be reported to government. "Valuation of the plan smooths out the highs and lows by using an average market value of the last three years, which of course would be a lower and more cautious figure." Just for the record, though, as of March 31 the fund value was $517 million.

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