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Tuesday, June 18, 1996

Renison celebrates its goal

Renison College holds its annual Principal's Gala tonight -- not just party time, but a chance to recognize donors to the college (UW's Anglican affiliate). The event starts at 8 in Renison's Great Hall. Principal Gail Cuthbert Brandt says the night will celebrate the end of Renison's $1.8 million fund-raising drive with the unveiling of a donor wall and donor book to honor benefactors who contributed $100 or more to the campaign. About 100 guests are expected.

The $1.8 million Campaign for Renison, carried on as part of Campaign Waterloo, was the college's first major fund-raising drive since the 1960s. "In recognition of the essential nature of the needs being addressed, our donors have provided overwhelming support," said the principal. "This achievement has allowed Renison to make substantial improvements and additions to the university's classroom, library and residential facilities with no draw on the public purse." Renison built an entire new wing containing a larger chapel, dining hall and kitchen complex.

The college's administrative wing houses an enlarged library, which is the repository for UW's collections related to social development studies, East Asian studies and Anglicanism, as well as a new seminar room. In addition, two wheelchair-accessible classrooms, an elevator for the physically disabled, and two new student lounges have been constructed.

Alumni and outside friends provided much of the funding, but so did faculty, staff and students. For example, Renison students endorsed a voluntary fee assessment of $25 per term through which they will donate a total of $100,000 to the campaign over a five-year period.

The small rain down

Nice day for ducks. Nice day also for the library staff picnic, scheduled to start at 5:30 in Waterloo Park. I haven't heard whether event organizers have decided to go ahead or not.

Technologies innovation grant

"It is that time again," writes Marta Poterski from the teaching resource office, "time to advertise the TRACE Learning Technologies Innovation Grant." Some details:
The grants program fosters innovations in teaching through technology developments. The program is part of a donation by the Bank of Montreal to support learning technologies development at the University. Researchers are invited to submit proposals. . . . A four-page (paper) application form is available from the Associate Director, Learning Technologies, TRACE, MC 4055, to whom completed applications should be sent. . . . Applications must be received in the TRACE Office by July 1 for the summer competition.
More information? Poterski is at trace@watserv1. Tom Carey, associate director (learning technologies) in TRACE, is at tcarey@watserv1, phone ext. 6054.

Walking the Web at Waterloo (3)

On the UWdir page, which can be reached straight from the UWinfo home page or in various other ways, the last bulleted item is "Web locations for Canadian universities". That leads straight to a page which I happen to maintain myself, at http://watserv1.uwaterloo.ca/~credmond/univ.html, listing all the Canadian universities and their Web addresses, as well as some other useful links. You can reach it by other routes as well -- for example, through the "Internet Web/Gopher servers" page which is also listed on the UWinfo home page.

Towards the bottom of my "Canadian Universities" page, one of the pointers goes to "Canadian Universities Online News", which is maintained at the University of Western Ontario. Check out that one and you'll see links to -- for example -- the much respected newspaper Au fil des evenements at Universite Laval in Quebec City, and to news releases from such places as Carleton, Alberta and Guelph. Or you can click all the way back to this Daily Bulletin.

If you're interested in news specifically from Waterloo, though, the route to follow is to go back to the UWinfo home page and click "News". The UW News page has links not just to the Bulletin, the Gazette and the news bureau's news releases, but also Imprint, MathNews and (in season) the athletics department's scoreboard.

And it has a direct pointer to a page about the Special Early Retirement Program, which my office has been maintaining as a convenient source of information about who's leaving and the multi-million-dollar program that's helping them go. That page can be found at http://www.adm.uwaterloo.ca:80/infoipa/early.html.

The talk of the campus

No need for alarm, say UW police after two visits by fire department vehicles to campus last week. Two false alarms brought trucks to the Davis Centre on Wednesday morning and the Mathematics and Computer building early Friday. Beyond false alarm calls, fire trucks routinely tour the campus for the benefit of new recruits, UW police note. Crews are taken out for "familiarization purposes". . . .

I noticed a car entering campus this morning with the Ontario licence plate ETHICS. Wonder whether it's a UW person (but I've never seen it before, so perhaps not) or a visitor. . . .

Marie Michael, who was UW's first demonstrator in chemistry, died on Thursday. "Many thousands of students went through first-year chemistry labs under her sympathetic care," writes Reg Friesen, assistant dean of science. Since her retirement she's continued to be a keen supporter of the university.

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