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Friday, March 22, 1996

Seeking three associate provosts

"Applications and nominations are invited," a memo from the provost said yesterday, for three "associate provost" positions that are being created as part of the new administrative structure.

Posts open as of May 1:

The application deadline is April 5. Applications go to the provost, Jim Kalbfleisch, and detailed job descriptions are available from Catharine Scott, director of human resources (soon to be associate provost, human resources). The full memo issued yesterday can be found on UWinfo under "Provost".

Re-weaving community

Under that title, "a Lenten forum on the social safety net" is taking place today at St. Paul's United College. There's obviously a demand for discussion of such issues: originally limited to 100 people, today's workshop is crowding in more than 150, says St. Paul's principal Helga Mills. They come from many parts of the United Church of Canada, as well as government, the universities and social agencies.

Two major presentations take place this morning: Bob Needham of the Canadian studies program at St. Paul's speaks on "Understanding Canada's Political Economy", and Ian Skelton of the school of urban and regional planning speaks on "Understanding What's at Stake: The Social Impact of Welfare Cuts". This afternoon there are workshops on "The Phoenix of Compassionate Community" (led by Ken Motts of Kitchener's Aequitas agency), "How Can the Church Respond?" (led by Jim Marshall of the national United Church), and "A Case for and Against Corporate Social Responsibility" (led by Mark Baetz of the school of business and economics at Wilfrid Laurier University).

The multiple birthday problem

Yesterday's Bulletin noted that three people in UW's school of optometry were all having birthday, and asked whether there might be similar concentrations elsewhere on campus. A response came from Sheila Mackenzie in the school of accountancy:
May 19 is the birthday of Sheila Mackenzie, Administrative Assistant; Marilyn Waterhouse, wife of Director John Waterhouse (Waterhouse now thinks he can read the minds of both wife and admin assistant -- wrong!); Douglas Feltham, born in 1992, son of Glenn Feltham, former PhD student in the School of Accountancy and currently a faculty member in the School of Business, Wilfrid Laurier University; and former faculty member in the School, Marguerite Fisher.
All of which brings to mind the famous puzzle: How many people have to be present at a party (or, presumably, a departmental meeting) so that there is a better than 50-50 chance that at least two of them share a birthday? The answer, according to statisticians: 23.

As William Shatner turns 65

Events for today and the first weekend of spring:

Poems about college life

Notre Dame College presents a reading on Sunday by Kitchener poet Dona Paul Massel, whose new work is Daughters of God, a book of poetry celebrating the 34 years of women at the college. She'll read from 4 to 5 p.m. in the college's main lounge (and again on Tuesday evening at 7, at Kitchener Public Library).

"The final manuscript . . . is more than a collection of real life stories," Sister Celeste Reinhart, director of Notre Dame, writes in an introduction to Daughters of God. "Sometimes irreverent, sometimes angry, the poet leads readers to question their own traditional understandings of who God is and where the church is in the lives of these pre-millennium women." There are poems about insecurity, graduation, exams, boyfriends, interviews, . . . life:

God in us with us through us
a salvageable part
of the mass

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