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Thursday, January 16, 1997

UW man wins Academy Award

It's not quite an Oscar, but a certificate for a "scientific and technical award" is still an Academy Award, and that's what Marceli Wein of UW's computer graphics laboratory will be receiving in a few weeks.

The award, for work on "key-frame animation", will go to Wein along with Nestor Burtnyk, a colleague at the National Research Council of Canada, where Wein is a senior research officer. At UW, he's an adjunct professor. The award will be presented March 1 in Beverly Hills, when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hands out its technical awards for 1996. (The nationally televised Oscars will come March 24.)

Wein and Burtnyk are being recognized for "pioneering work in the development of software techniques for computer assisted key framing for character animation". According to a news release issued by the Academy, they "demonstrated the first significant use of the computer in two dimensional key-frame character animation and influenced many subsequent developments in computer animation techniques".

The scientific and technical awards are given for "devices, methods, formulas, discoveries or inventions of special and outstanding value to the arts and sciences of motion pictures and that also have a proven history of use in the motion picture industry".

Art shows open today

It's opening day for exhibitions in two UW art galleries:

The talk of the campus

[snowstorm graphic] I suspect much of the talk today will have to do with snow. The forecast (not that it seems to me the forecasts have been all that accurate lately) is talking about a "snowsquall watch", replacing an earlier "weather advisory". . . .

UW police are "still investigating" a bus-car collision on the ring road near Carl Pollock Hall, I was told at 9:00. Apparently no one was seriously hurt, but there's not much information yet. . . .

The fine arts film society starts its winter season tonight -- a weekly series of German films, to be shown at 7 p.m. Thursdays in the East Campus Hall auditorium. Tonight's film is Rainer Fassbinder's "Lili Marleen", a 1980 movie about prewar Jews, Nazis, and the haunting song about Lili of the lamplight. . . .

Readers of this week's menu from food services might possibly wonder about one of today's entrees at the Village I cafeteria: "pineapple soba tempehtation". Jeff Chalmers, assistant director in food services, is based in Village I and kindly explained: "The item in question is a sweet and sour tempeh stir-fry with noodles. Tempeh is a kind of soybean cake. This semester's vegetarian menu in Village I has lots of new items in response to customers' suggestions, asking us to incorporate more vegan items." . . .

Co-op students can look for spring term job posting #2 tomorrow morning at 10. Margaret Rayes in the co-op office says there's been a small change in procedure this term: "Friday postings will no longer be held over until Monday, but instead will expire the following Sunday at 4:30 p.m. Needles Hall will be open Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m." I think that means the building will be open, to give people access to the bulletin boards -- surely there's no plan to have the offices open on weekends. . . .

Conrad Grebel College is holding a workshop for church folks Saturday, starting at 9 a.m. Topic: "Including Children in Worship".

About that January 14 anniversary

Okay, I've got it now, the truth behind "Today in UW History" as I mangled it two days ago. I was correct in saying that Renison College was founded -- received its charter from the Ontario government -- on January 14, 1959. But the installation of Wyn Rees as the college's first permanent principal came (yes, in the Theatre of the Arts) not on that day but exactly five years later: January 14, 1964. Many thanks to Jane Britton in the university archives and Susan Shantz in the president's office for sorting out the facts.


January 16, 1964: The board of governors approves changing UW's name from "The University of Waterloo" to just "University of Waterloo". January 16, 1989: Provost Alan George announces "interim administrative procedures" designed to get more women hired for faculty posts.

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