Tuesday, June 17, 2008

  • UW honours 25-year employees
  • Chair to study 'green' finance
  • Faculty members list sabbatical plans
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UW honours 25-year employees

Thirty-four people who came to work at UW in 1983 will be honoured tonight for their 25 years of service. Among them: the university photographer, a faculty member who’s about to become an acting dean, the director of finance, the head of central stores, and people whose day-to-day work keeps the university going in departments from the library to civil engineering.

When they arrived, Doug Wright was UW’s president, the long-serving Bruce Gellatly was in his last year as vice-president (finance and operations), Bill Lennox was dean of engineering, and J. S. Minas was “university computing officer”, in an environment where e-mail was a rarely used means of communication and there was no such thing as a web site.

[Skeleton of Columbia Icefield]There was also no such thing as the Davis Centre (Bill Davis was serving as Ontario’s premier). There was no Federation Hall, no Columbia Lake Village. The Columbia Icefield was new that year (left), and Waterloo’s big project for the computerization of the Oxford English Dictionary was starting.

In the wider world, Pierre Trudeau was prime minister, Ronald Reagan was president of the United States, Marjorie Carroll was mayor of Waterloo. The year also brought “Thriller”, “Flashdance”, the launch of Microsoft Word, and a Nobel Prize for Lech Walesa.

And that was the year Dave Thomas joined UW’s co-op education and career services department, Michael Holmes came to work for the university library, and Fathy Ismail began his career as a faculty member in mechanical engineering. Also during that twelve-month period Efrim Boritz joined the “accounting group”, still attached to the department of economics and far from being a “school” with its own title and reputation.

Patrick Cameron came to work in the central plant that year, Tina Roberts came to the registrar’s office (there wasn’t yet an office of “marketing and undergraduate recruitment”), and Gordon Cormack jointed the “department” of computer science. Here’s the full list of 1983 arrivals who are to be honoured tonight:

Boritz, Jefim Efrim, Accounting and Finance
Butterworth, Ray, Math Faculty Computing Facility
Calamai, Paul H., Systems Design Engineering
Cameron, Allan James Roy, Health Studies and Gerontology
Cameron, Patrick J., Plant Operations (Central Plant)
Campbell, Douglas C., Plant Operations (Mechanical)
Cardwell, Edith, Planning
Chou, Bernt R., Optometry
Cormack, Gordon V., Computer Science
Dasiewicz, Paul, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dawe, Sharron, Optometry Clinic
Holmes, Michael W., Library
Huggan, Valerie S., Library
Hughes, Christopher, Graphics
Ismail, Fathy M., Mechanical Engineering
Kibble, David C., Information Systems and Technology
Kutchcoski, Richard A., Plant Operations (Custodial)
Ludwig, Paul J., Electrical and Computer Engineering
Manson, Jane M., Finance
Nagel, Carl F., Library
Newman, Andrew D., Plant Operations
Nguyen, Trien T., Economics
Norris, Joel D., Central Stores
Pinaud, Louis I., Cooperative Education and Career Services
Pudifin, Penny S., Graduate Studies Office
Puncher, Anemone, Applied Mathematics
Renksizbulut, Metin, Mechanical Engineering
Roach, Richard H., Cooperative Education and Career Services
Roberts, Christina N. (Tina), Registrar
Rothenburg, Leo, Civil Engineering
Springall, Shirley, Civil Engineering
Thomas, David, Cooperative Education and Career Services
Varin, Robert A., Mechanical Engineering
Weckman, David C., Mechanical Engineering

Also on tonight’s VIP list are a smaller group of people who joined the UW faculty and staff ten years before that, in 1973, and so are marking their 35th anniversary in 2008. It seems incredible that my own name appears on the 35-year list:

Fraser, Suzanne, Kinesiology
Fritz, Valtrudes, Information Systems and Technology
Geddes, Keith O., Computer Science
Gesinghaus, Richard P., Graphics
Haehn, Marlene E., Office of the President
Johnson, Lynn, Information Systems and Technology
McKay, Campbell John J., Information Systems and Technology
McKenzie, Ian, Geography
Redmond, Christopher, Communications and Public Affairs
Ridler, Diane M., Geography
Scott, A. Catharine, Associate Provost (Human Resources and Student Services)
Simpson, Philip, Plant Operations
Snider, Lynn K., Athletics and Recreational Services
Snyder, Paul, Information Systems and Technology
Socha, Ronald J., Biology
Socken, Paul, French Studies
Sperling, Gail E., Library
Truman, Robert, Institutional Analysis and Planning
Wagler, Roy N., Information Systems and Technology
Weber, Dale, Biology
Wilson, William J., Electrical and Computer Engineering

The annual 25-Year Club reception starts at 6:00 tonight at the Physical Activities Complex, and will see the 25-year and 35-year employees presented with souvenir gifts. Previous years’ 25-year employees, dating back to the 1957 arrivals who were the first members of the 25-Year Club in 1982, have been invited to attend. The event will provide a chance for old-timers to greet the 1983 newcomers and each other, marvelling at how the time flies and how much UW has changed — or how little. Arrangements for the 25-Year Club party are made by the human resources department (last-minute information, phone ext. 32078).

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Chair to study 'green' finance

a release from the UW media relations office

UW and Export Development Canada have announced the creation of a new research chair, funded by EDC, to identify financial tools and practices that will help companies adopt better business practices, such as socially responsible investing and a triple bottom-line performance. The EDC Chair in Environmental Finance, based in Waterloo's Centre for Environment and Business, will explore financial tools such as carbon financing and clean energy funds.

"There has been an explosion of 'green' in the marketplace. The EDC Chair will build on that demand and identify tools companies can use to address environmental issues such as climate change and environmental sustainability in emerging markets, while expanding their own business opportunities," says Deep Saini, dean of the faculty of environmental studies.

The new EDC chair will be reserved for an expert who has made a strong contribution to studies in environment, business and finance. UW will also hire an additional professor in a related field to further expand its centre for environment and business.

"This initiative strengthens EDC's commitment to facilitating environmental leadership by Canadian firms," says Eric Siegel, EDC president and chief executive officer. "We are proud to be associated with the University of Waterloo in meeting a growing need of Canadian companies to integrate environmental and business issues." EDC is a leader among the world's export credit agencies in assessing the environmental impacts of its business and in its corporate social responsibility policies.

"The EDC Chair in Environmental Finance expands our university's contribution to one of today's most pressing issues," says UW president David Johnston. "This contribution by EDC will expand UW's Centre for Environment and Business, which is educating the next generation of corporate leaders who can ensure a more sustainable environment for the future." The centre is home to Canada's only undergraduate program to integrate environmental and business knowledge with 20 months of co-op work experience.

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Faculty members list sabbatical plans

Here’s the latest list of UW faculty members who are on sabbatical leave. Each of these sabbaticals began May 1, 2008. The note provided about the researcher’s plans is what was submitted for information to the UW board of governors, which has to give approval for all sabbaticals.

Susan Tighe, civil and environmental engineering (on sabbatical for twelve months): “Since joining the University of Waterloo, my primary research area has been into the material selection, design, construction and maintenance of roads and pavements. During the research sabbatical, new materials and pavement design, specifically sustainable designs that accommodate for climate change, will be researched. It is expected that some time will be spent at other research institutions in Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.”

Cathy Gebotys, electrical and computer engineering (six months): “Although security is increasingly widespread in many embedded devices, it is often the case that the implementation is subject to attack through side channels or other means. This proposed sabbatical will conduct state of art research into secure embedded systems design. For example, the research will develop countermeasures to attacks as well as research security in highly constrained embedded systems such as satellites, RFIDs, etc. New collaborations and sources of funding, research publications, and a book will be among the many expected outcomes.”

Michael Mayer, mechanical and mechatronics engineering (six months): “Planned activities include research, graduate students supervision, intensified publishing, and research collaboration visits. Research based on our in situ microsensor technology will focus on the automatic microjoint high temperature reliability. Improved reliability microjoints are needed in the fields of automotive electronics and rugged environmental sensors, e.g., used for oil drilling. Research will be published, e.g., in J. App. Phys. A. and presented at IMAPS and ECTC Conferences.”

Alejandro Lopez-Ortiz, computer science (twelve months): “I will continue my research in the development of more accurate models and novel algorithms for online paging and caching at Freiburg University; the development of a new model and algorithms for multicore processors which are fast becoming the predominant architecture for computer systems at Max Planck Institute; the study and design of indexing algorithms for search engines at Yahoo Research Spain.”

Michael Collins, mechanical and mechatronics engineering (six months): “The sabbatical leave will be spent at the University of Waterloo. The Solar Thermal Research Lab will be relocating from Engineering III to the new Centre for Advanced Photovoltaic Devices and Systems building in the spring. The sabbatical will be used to move equipment and develop the new facilities, and to initiate new research projects enabled by the addition of this new lab space.”


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[Zucchini]Farm markets start tomorrow

"After a very enthusiastic response last year," says a memo from Food Services, "the UW Farm Market returns to offer the campus a local, fresh and convenient market. With 100% local produce, sourced mainly from the Elmira Produce Auction Cooperative, locally produced honey and preserves and fresh baked bread from the UW Bakery, the UW Farm Market looks to provide students, staff, faculty and the general public with a more sustainable and locally supportive alternative to the grocery store.

"The intended purpose of the market is three-fold: to give students an alternative to buying overpriced foods shipped in from distant commercial farms; to support and strengthen ties with the local farming community; and to help students live more sustainably, thus reducing their ecological footprint.

"The market is operated by student volunteers, with food purchasing and short-distance shipments to campus being handled by UW Food Services. We encourage everyone to bring a shopping bag or purchase a Chatham-made UW Farm Market canvas bag."

Farm markets will run from 9:00 to 1:00 on June 18 (tomorrow) and 26, and July 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31, in the lower level of the Student Life Centre.

Link of the day

World Day to Combat Desertification

When and where

Needles Hall elevator shut down for maintenance June 17 through July 17.

Tourplay children’s drama: “Jillian Jiggs and the Pirates” 10:00 and 1:00, Humanities Theatre.

Lectures in quantum information: Anthony Leggett, Institute for Quantum Computing, “Prospects for Topological Quantum Computing” continuing June 17, 19, 24, 26, July 3, 8, 10, all at 2:00 p.m., Research Advancement Centre, 475 Wes Graham Way, room 2009.

Career workshops: Career Interest Assessment 2:30, Tatham Centre room 1112; Business Etiquette and Professionalism 3:30, TC 1208; Working Effectively in Another Culture 5:00, TC 1208; information and registration online.

UW Debate Society meets Tuesdays 5:15, Rod Coutts Hall room 301.

Early Childhood Education Centre closing ceremonies for 2007-08 school year continue June 18, 19, 20; last day of school June 19 or 20.

myPENSIONinfo information session about self-service pension projection system, Wednesday 12:30 and Monday, June 23, 11:00, Davis Centre room 1202.

Career workshops on Wednesday: Work Search Strategies 2:30, Tatham Centre room 1208; Exploring Your Personality Type 2:30, TC 1112; Are You Thinking of an MBA 5:30, TC 1208; information and registration online.

Lifestyle Learnings session at Columbia Lake Health Club, boardroom, 340 Hagey Boulevard: “Common exercise mistakes” Wednesday, June 18, 5:30 p.m.

Applied health informatics bootcamp on-site workshop introducing key concepts in informatics, June 18-20, Davis Centre room 1302, details online.

Zonta Club June dinner meeting, guest speaker Louise Fréchette, former deputy secretary-general of the United Nations, now at Centre for International Governance Innovation, Wednesday 6:00, South Campus Hall, tickets $20, e-mail diane@trainerstogoinc.on.ca.

Spiritual Heritage Education Network presents the video “Changing from Inside”, about Vipassana meditation program as used at a minimum security prison near Seattle, Wednesday 7:30 p.m., CEIT room 1015.

Pension and benefits committee Thursday 8:30 to 12:00, Needles Hall room 3004.

R&T Park charity barbecue in support of the K-W Community Foundation, Thursday 11:30 to 1:30, TechTown, 340 Hagey Boulevard, burger and salad $6, rain date June 24.

UW Alternative Fuels Team recruitment and information meetings: business position Thursday Student Life Centre multipurpose room; technical position June 26, 5:00, Doug Wright Engineering room 2536; information e-mail recruit@uwaft.com.

Dropping courses: last day for 50 per cent fee refund, June 20.

Pre-enrolment for winter 2009 undergraduate courses, June 23-29 on Quest: choose courses now so preferences can be used in preparing the timetable, information online.

Centre for Environment and Business announcement and reception Monday, June 23, 11 a.m., Environmental Studies I courtyard, by invitation, information ext. 38480.

Gail Cuthbert Brandt, associate vice-president (international), “stepping down reception” Thursday, June 26, 3:00 to 5:00, Needles Hall third-floor patio, RSVP ext. 38350.

Long weekend: UW holidays Monday, June 30, and Tuesday, July 1, for Canada Day; classes cancelled, offices and most services closed.

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